Farming Relics of Ulduar for Gold

Farming Relics OF Ulduar

The Sons Of Hodir the place for the best shoulder enchants and some pretty cool Ice Mammoth mounts, you can complete the daily or quests or hand in relics of Ulduar. Relic’s are similar to the BC rep items for the Aldor or Scryers.

Once you have complete the starting quest chain from K3 and become neutral with The Sons of Hodir you can turn these relics into Lillehoff

the quartermaster (66,61). A lot of 10 will give you 250 rep (275 for human), they stack in 200’s. There are always lots of people farming these and selling them on AH for a good profit.

I’ve been testing various location in the Storm Peaks, looking for areas with best drop rate, fastest re-spawn time and quiet little spots. The figures give are relics per hour and the gold you would make by vendoring/auctioning the other drops at lowest price.

1. Snowdrift Plains ( 32,48)Relics 48Gold 163

In Between the various Iron Dwarf settlements here a nice strip of plain white snow, littered with Stromriders and some jonmungar. There are quests around here people running through but generally avoiding these mobs, by the time you run from the start (34,47) to the end of the snow (28,40) the mobs will have re-spawned at the start.

2. Frostfield Lake (70,60)Relics 68Gold 107

Next to Dun Nifflem a frozen lake, the only mob here is Brittle Revenants. There is a daily quest for Sons OF Hodir here but they re-spawn very fast, there were other player here the whole time I was killing these and I never ran out of mobs to kill, got agro whilst eating/drinking move off the lake and into the snow and back up for further killing.

3. Terrace Of The Makers (36,40)Relics 73Gold 165

The Terrace Of The Makers is south west of Craftsmen Terrace, it’s an sheer rocky outcropping with a large overlooking of the ocean. There are a large number of ramps leading up to the surface, mobs here are all elites but they aren’t high level, at least not yet. Being up here farming can be nice, mobs are around level 40 but drop higher level linen and green items.

4. Narvins Cradle (31,48)Relics 73Gold 165

Narvins Cradle is the small hill between Falconwing Square and lessonsight, it has a tiny chapel on top, filled withmire’rem troops and blumpingContactores. The particular ring around it that drops most of the mobs here, is Needlebloom, a normal looking blue witchcraftbloom, it drops from most of the mobs here and it will only take 3-4 runs to hit the cap.

5.length of cover is around 5 runs, mobs range from level 35 to level 45, there are lots of elites here, around every 2 runs it will start to respawn the elite with the highest level of the ravangers around, some of these ravangers are level 48, when they spawn the elite near the chapel swarms of will spawn and it can be tough, one elite was around with around 7k health when I finished killing it, one range from me to the end of the game, it Probably took me about 8 or 9 rounds to kill, the best thing to do with these mobs is run round and around them, they range from 3-12 feet, and there are up to 3 range mobs on the inner cover, these are easy kills, I found that as long as you keep moving i could kill more of these little buggers that are spawned, than a normal run.

6. Ravenous Gorge (20,85)Relics 24Gold 92

This place isn’t great to farm gold in, but there are two different ways of farming it. The easier way is killing the ravagers on the sides of the pit, they drop nice green items, and, I nice amount of netherweave cloth, these sell really well on the Auction House. They range from 3-10 feet so, it isn’t really hard to kill the mobs, but, i was lucky and killed 3 in about 20 minutes. They do have a 3 second spawn timer but, that wasn’t a problem I think I’ve killed 3-4 before the sun set and set me a third. They do tend to jump a bit, I was going to kill one I actually killed and, I think I killed it a few dozen times but, wha?

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